9-Year-old-Child Found Dead After Been Missing Four Days in Gbarnga—As Police Launches Investigation into Cause of Mysterious Death

(Gbarnga, Bong County) – A 9-year-old child known as Moses T.K. Vesselee commonly known as “Kuwai” who went missing on Sunday afternoon has been reportedly discovered dead in the Rubber Factory Community, Gbarnga, Bong County.

Kuwai as he was affectionately called, went missing on Sunday, February 4, 2024, at about 3:00 pm when he and his parents along with other Church members had all gone to mine sand along the Jor River in the Rubber Factory Community in Gbarnga.

Residents of the Rubber Factory Community in Gbarnga, Bong County on February 5, 2024, stormed the headquarters of the Police Bong County Detachment to intervene in the search for the missing nine-year-old Child.

They expressed fear that delays in the search of Little Moses T.K. Vesselee might lead to an undesirable situation while calling to mind mirror circumstances that had led to the killings of missing kids in the County without the alleged Perpetrators been brought to book.

However, the corpse of Little Kuwai was discovered on February 7, 2024 near the Jor River in the Rubber Factory Community, Gbarnga City.

The 9-year-old boy’s remains were seen in a depth of 5ft 10 inches sand mining deposit with bruises on his head while the outer layer of his skin was peeled or removed.

Meanwhile, a 15-men juror instituted by the LNP Bong County CSD Department examined the body and reported “no foul” played thereby instructing family members of the victim to immediately inter his remains.

The juror report further revealed that Little Vesselee died from drowning.

Furthermore, family members of late Moses T.K. Vesselee in a remorseful mood concurred with the Juror’s report but scapegoated Police Officers in the County over their delay in investigating the whereabouts of their 9-year-old son.

Moreover, Police in Gbarnga say the investigation continuous into the mysterious death of the little child.

 Prior to the death of Moses, he was a 5th-grade student at Community House Elementary and Junior High School located in the Rubber Factory community, Gbarnga.

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

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