Admit Proliferation of Drugs in Liberia: Senator Konneh Craves Redemption of Liberia’s Sinking Manpower

By Pewu Y. Sumo/0777131089

(Monrovia) – Former Finance and Development Planning Minister now Senator of Gbarpolu County, Hon. Amara Konneh has called on fellow colleagues of the Senate to use the power invested in them to run a credible government.
Senator Konneh said the power to change Liberia is within the House of Legislature which is the first branch of government.
The Gbarpolu County Senator, addressing a Senate session during the first sitting of the House of Senate of the 55th Legislature on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 said the current budget of Liberia is a “do nothing budget” and called on his colleagues in the Upper House to change the way things have been done.
“The issue of fighting illicit drugs is necessary to save the future of our country. We are trying to fix the things our fathers and mothers’ generation did not fix. When your budget is 95% recurrent expenditure; a do-nothing budget where we just pay ourselves and there is no way to fix all the problems we continue to face as a country; that is not a credible government. The power to change that is here; so we need to go and sleep on it; whether we want our legacies to be ‘begin to build a credible state’ or we continue to make noise until the year end”, Senator Konneh said.
The former Finance and Development Planning said, “There is not a single family in Liberia today that does not have a child who is a drug addict; so we have to put money in the budget for the DEA to fight drugs”, Hon. Konneh asserted.
“The drug is eating our future, we need to look at the drug law, we need to enforce it, we need to invest in the DEA, we need to put mental health and rehabilitation back on the table; when the budget comes here, that’s what we should be looking at, the future is going; tomorrow labor force is going; you bring company today nobody to work”, Hon. Konneh propounded.
The Gbarpolu County lawmaker said because the government is not efficient, households continue to struggle. “The dream of an 18 or 30-year-old today is an eight hundred United States Dollars (US$ 800) motorbike. Is not about going to school or acquiring technical skills and coming out to make a difference”, Senator Konneh said.
Senator Konneh challenged his colleagues in the ‘House of Elders’ to build a credible state by using the power invested in the House of Legislature by creating alternatives for the citizens of Liberia.

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