Amb. Fyneah refutes that Liberia’s Diplomats at the UN acted independently and calls for review and clarification of misrepresentation

Liberia’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, H.E. Sarah Safyn Fyneah asserts that Liberia’s diplomats at the UN operate under the guidance and instructions of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, ensuring that their actions align with the country’s stance. According to her, decisions are not made independently; instead, guidance is sought to accurately represent Liberia’s position.
In a release, Ambassador Fyneah clarifies that the Government of Liberia’s initial vote on UN resolution A/ES-10/L.27 on December 12th was based on a prior directive from the Ministry, which, unfortunately, contradicted H.E. President Weah’s and the government’s established stance.
The discrepancy raises concerns about misrepresentation, prompting a need for the President to seek clarification from the Minister, who seemingly did not adhere to his instructions issued since November 4th—over a month before the UN vote, she added.
“It’s important to highlight that on December 8th, I instructed the Deputy Permanent Representative to seek the Minister’s guidance to co-sponsor the draft resolution A/ES-10/L.27 but received no response. On December 12th, I communicated with the Minister and the Acting Foreign Minister, to confirm their directive on the vote on the resolution. Acting on their affirmative response, I instructed a staffer to implement the directives”, Ambassador Fyneah recounted.
Ambassador Fyneah stressed that the responsibility for the inaccurate directive lies with the Ministry, and “it is crucial not to tarnish the reputation of Liberia’s diplomats at the UN who, despite challenges, continue to make sacrifices for Liberia’s visibility and contribution to the United Nations’ mandate”.
Additionally, since the UN is seized with the matter, and the Mission represents Liberia at the UN, it was neither informed nor received such an important policy decision of President Weah’s contained in his communication dated November 4th to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, emphasizing the call for a ceasefire and the establishment of humanitarian corridors.
This lack of communication on the part of the Ministry to the Mission on this crucial issue further underscores the need for a thorough review and clarification, the release concludes.

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