Alleged Rape Suspect Arrested In Bong

Sources at the 9th Judiciary Circuit in Gbarnga, Bong County have confirmed to the Informer Newspaper that an alleged rape suspect, Yalayea Flomo who have being on the run since 2015 has been arrested in the County.

According to our Judicial sources, Suspect Flomo allegedly committed the crime of rape with a minor in the County in 2015, but since then the alleged rape suspect has been escaping prosecution.

Additionally, the alleged rape suspect is the son of the late Cllr. Richard Flomo.

However, our sources said suspect Flomo was arrested a few days ago by Judicial actors in Gbarnga and he was forwarded to the 9th Judiciary Circuit Court where he was indicted and forwarded to the Gbarnga Center Prison awaiting court trial.

According to the July 19, 1976, Revised Penal Law of Liberia, section 14.70 rape is a first-degree felony.

The maximum sentence for first-degree rape shall be life imprisonment, and for bail, it shall be treated as per capital offenses under section 13.1.1: Capital Offenses of the Criminal Procedure Law.

The law further said Rape is a second-degree felony where the conditions set out in section 4(a)(i)-(iv) above are not met. The maximum sentence for second-degree rape shall be ten (10) years imprisonment.

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