Bong University Students Association Supports Lawmakers For the Revisitation of China Union, Others Mining Companies Agreement: Calls for Comprehensive Audit of all Government Entities in Bong County

MONROVIA – The Bong University Students Association (BUSA), University of Liberia chapter has joined forces in solidarity with lawmakers, calling for the revisitation of the mining concession of China Union operations in Fuamah District #7 and other mining areas in the county.

The students accentuated and echoed the stance of Rep. Foday E. Fahnbulleh and Rep. Eugene Kollie both representatives of Electoral District #5 and District #7 respectively for the proposed revisitation of concessional agreements between the government of Liberia and the mines exploration companies operating in Bong. 

It can be recalled that on January 19, 2009; the China-Union (Hong-Kong) Mining Investment Company signed up to an agreement for 25years of operations of mineral explorations in the Bong Mines region in Fuama District, one of the largest iron ore mining sectors in the country with subject to revision after every 10 years. 

The Bong University Students Association (BUSA)- University of Liberia chapter President, Idrisa Kaba said unfortunately, since the agreement came into effect, China Union has allegedly failed to live up to the commitment of some clauses within the agreement specifically sections 8, and 9, 10, and 11, 12, 13, and other essential priorities that articulate the immunities and benefits of citizens of those operating regions to be implemented by the concessionaire party.

He said this wanton disregard for China Union’s responsibility has led to many protests and continued agitation from sons and daughters who reside around the occupied areas, manual laborers, and contractors working in those mining areas thereby violating the agreement. 

The BUSA-UL President said this is a practical quotidian experienced by the people from the exploration of natural resources without benefits and appreciable compensation to alleviate the economic burden and elevate their statuses to a well-off class capable of achieving end needs. 

According to Mr. Kaba, the intent of those terms enshrined between both the Government of Liberia and the concessionaire party is to empower the labor force, improve the living conditions of the people, and build a potential Youthful generation who are willing to academically upgrade themselves. 

The lack of these fundamentals priorities can somehow be attributed to the recent unfortunate tanker explosion in Totota which borders the mining region where most of the population is unemployed and vulnerable to hunger. 

The Bong County student leader said the agreement as mentioned in those sections entails, “providing General education funding to residents through annual scholarships and payment to the University of Liberia to support the field of geology, built infrastructure; roads, hospitals, clinic, schools, and the employment of Liberian national in top managerial positions, stimulate the domestic economy by given preference to locally made goods and services, something he said the company has failed to live up to the agreement.

Amidst the wild distribution of destitution, corruption, and misappropriation of budgetary allotment that aims to provide and strengthen accessible healthcare services, and improve the agricultural sector, and education, the Gbodoi Clinic between District 5&6 in Bong County was captured under the fiscal year received a whopping budgetary allotment for operations. Interestingly, the imaginary clinic has no resemblance to a medical facility and the structure doesn’t have an operational history. 

Student Kaba said it is apex cruelty and gross misrepresentation of the people who are dying daily from minor and curable diseases, while the lack of subsidies for large-scale agriculture production to sustain and minimize hunger as stipulated in the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) continues to persist in national symbol. 

Additionally, the BUSA-UL President said the delay in the accreditation of the Nursing Department and the consistent disruption and prolonged academic activities at the Bong County Technical College (BCTC) has led many of the students to transfer to other higher recognized Universities to pursue tertiary education. 

Notwithstanding, the Bong County Student leader is calling on the county administration to place more emphasis on the county’s only “Public Tertiary Institution” as it serves as the only hope and environment that equalizes the educational disparity between the masses and those elites who can afford to sponsor their children to private colleges or universities.

BUSA, therefore demands comprehensive audits of all government entities in Bong County. 

In addendum, the leadership of the Bong University Students Association at the University of Liberia also extends her warm congratulations to sons and daughters of Bong County who have been appointed by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to serve in his government.

So far President Boakai has appointed, Dr. Emmanuel Urey Yarkpawolo, Director General, Environmental Protection Agency; Dr. Alexander Nuetah, Minister of Agriculture; Mr. Roland Giddins, Minister of Public Works; Mr. Bill McGill, Deputy Minister; Ministry of Finance and Development Planning among others.

The Bong University Students Association Univeristy of Liberia chapter also admonished those who have been appointed to the government to exhibit some level of consciousness as serving the nation is a privilege and not a right, therefore those appointed should place a high level of dedication and commitment to the implementation of the national manifesto that would transform the lives of Liberians and state for the next course of years. 

They should also grease themselves with nationalistic tendencies that will propel the roadmap to foster development and economic stability.

Furthermore, the student leader applauded the preferment of Senator Prince K. Moye as Caucus Chairperson of the 55th National Legislature of Bong County. 

Notwithstanding, BUSA urges the Caucus to banish political interest and unite to work synergistically to adopt a resolution and development agenda that will address the many challenges in the county. By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

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