Bridge of Security? President Boakai Attacked by Unknown Individual at UMU Graduation

(Monrovia) -President Joseph Nyuma Boakai today, January 30 was seen in a live video scrambling to release himself from the hands of an unknown individual while greeting executives of the United Methodist University. The incident occurred when the Liberian leader went to grace the ‘Class of 2023’ 19th Graduation of the United Methodist University in Margibi County.
In a video circulating on social media, there appeared to be an unknown individual who came from the back and tried to hold the Liberian leader from his chest which led to a scramble from the President to release himself from the unknown individual.
The Liberian leader was greeting and shaking hands when he got out of his vehicle before the unexpected event occurred.
There is no official statement from the Office of the President as to what unfolded at the UMU graduation program as citizens are questioning the capabilities of security personnel of the Liberian leader. Investigation continues.

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