Defense Minister Prince C. Johnson, III Resignation: A National Hero and Beacon of Peace Liberians Must Celebrate

By: Pewu Y. Sumo/0777131089

The resignation of the Minister of National Defense, Retired Major General Prince C. Johnson, III has not only brought more relieves to the young government of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai but it has shown how patriotic the former Chief-of-Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia is.
Having bowed to mounting pressure from protesting wives of soldiers of the AFL, the Defense Minister said his decision to resign was due to the current political and civil disturbances orchestrated by women believed to be wives of servicemen; stating that his resignation was meant to preserve the peace and security of the state.
This is not the first instance that Minister Johnson has shown how protecting Liberia’s peace above self-interest remains his foremost priority unlike other army chiefs in the sub-region in recent time.
Minister Johnson is on record for rejecting coup to overthrow the government of former President George M. Weah.
In 2022, then Major-General Prince Charles Johnson, III, made a stoning revelation in which he claimed that he received multiple text messages from people at home and abroad, calling on him to stage a coup due to President George Weah’s prolonged absence from the country.
“[Rest] assured that the army under my command will not engage in acts that will derail the peace and democracy of Liberia,” Minister Johnson at the time said.
The peace icon is also believed to have walked out of a joint security meeting during the heat of the tense political 2023 process.
Rumors of the then AFL Chief-of-Staff to use the army to favor the ruling CDC government of then President George Weah to win the 2023 Presidential Elections at the first ballot soon surface in the Liberian public.
The refusal by the Retired Major Johnson to adhere to those ill advices led to huge division in the joint security at the time.
These decisions by Minister Johnson show how patriotic he is with the love shown to the country over self.
Minister Johnson must be hailed by every Liberian for the peace he has and continue to protect over the years. A beacon of peace of this kind are rarely found in the sub region which has seen unprecedented level of coup overthrows in recent years.
Saving a young government which has lasted just three weeks has not only done good for President Joseph N. Boakai but it has shown how good leadership can function in troubling time.
In African politics, especially Liberian society, individuals usually don’t consider resigning to save their career and character but instead hold unto position base on greed and misuse of power.
Minister Johnson has not only lay the foundation for allowing President Boakai government to succeed but he has proved that above everything else, Liberia is of paramount concern.

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