EFFL Deems GAC Unfit to Audit CBL, NSA, EPS

(Monrovia) – The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia says it attention has been drawn to recent pronouncements suggesting that the General Auditing Commission (GAC) should conduct audits of several critical government institutions, namely the Central Bank of Liberia, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Executive Protection Service (EPS).
The EFFL said While it acknowledges the importance of transparency and accountability in governance, it wishes to express concerns regarding the independence and impartiality of such audits.
“The EFFL firmly believes that audits of governmental bodies should be conducted by independent and impartial entities to ensure the integrity of the process and the credibility of the findings, taking into consideration that the current GAC has not demonstrated the needed capacity. However, regarding the proposed audit to be conducted by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) under the leadership of Honorable Garswar Jackson, as you are aware, Hon. Jackson was appointed by the former President George M. Weah, which may raise questions about his independence and impartiality in conducting audits, particularly those involving key government institutions”, the EFFL said in a press release.
The EFFL suggested that it is evident that Hon. Jackson’s appointment by the former president may create a perception of loyalty or responsibility to his appointing authority.
This potential conflict of interest could compromise the integrity of the audit process and the credibility of the audit reports produced by the GAC under his leadership.
Given the sensitive nature of the audits proposed for institutions such as the Central Bank of Liberia, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Executive Protection Service (EPS), it is essential to ensure that the auditing body is free from any perceived biases or affiliations.
The EFFL furthered said, it is requesting that alternative arrangements be made to ensure the independence and impartiality of the audit process. This may involve appointing an independent auditing body or implementing measures to mitigate any potential conflicts of interest within the GAC, as the President Boakai announced during his interview with the VOA.
“Mr. President, during the recent annual message, there has been significant attention drawn to the apparent discrepancies between the financial records reported by the former administration and the findings presented by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).
The divergence in figures, notably the revelation that your government received $20.5 million less than previously reported, has understandably raised concerns among the Liberian people and the international community. It is with great concern that we acknowledge these discrepancies, which have sparked what appears to be a conflict between your administration and the Central Bank of Liberia”, the EFFL said.
The EFFL said assertion made by the CBL regarding the inaccuracies in the financial standing reported by the Weah’s government cannot be taken lightly. However, it is essential to address the underlying issues contributing to these discrepancies with transparency and diligence.
The EFFL says it must recognize the potential for conflicts of interest within the Central Bank of Liberia, particularly considering the appointments made by the former president. The loyalty of certain individuals to the previous administration may influence their actions and decisions, leading to questions about the impartiality and credibility of their assessments according to the EFFL.
In light of these concerns, the EFFL calls for an independent audit institution rather than the GAC to conduct an impartial investigation into the discrepancies in financial reporting between the government of former President George M. Weah and the administration of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.
According to the EFFL, it is imperative to uncover the truth behind these discrepancies and hold those responsible for any wrongdoing or negligence accountable.
Transparency and accountability are fundamental principles of good governance, and we are committed to upholding these principles in all aspects of our administration a statement from the EFFL said.
The Liberian people deserve to have confidence in the integrity of our financial institutions and the accuracy of the information presented to them. The EFFL firmly believe that transparency and accountability are paramount in governance, and it is crucial to uphold these principles in all audit activities.
The EFFL believe that by addressing concerns related to the independence and impartiality of audit reports, there will be reinforced public trust in the government and its commitment to good governance. The EFFL remains dedicated to promoting accountability, transparency, and the rule of law in Liberia. The EFL says it stand ready to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that the interests of the Liberian people are safeguarded and that our nation continues on the path of progress and prosperity.
Additionally, the EFFL also wants to caution President Boakai about his appointments of government officials because the lack of effectiveness in the nomination process could potentially undermine the president’s 100-day commitment to the people of Liberia. The President was elected in November and the vetting committee should have done what they are doing now considering that it’s an alliance that brought him to power.
Strategic government institutions are struggling to perform because the President has yet to effectively constitute his government. The vetting committee is showing a lack of leadership and political inclusiveness that could potentially create a crisis within the alliance that brought the president to power. Additionally, the EFFL rejects proposals by confirmed ministers to recommend their Deputy Ministers and Assistant Ministers. Such a move is an insult and an attack on the presidency and should never be appreciated. Members of the Alliance Parties as well as loyal supporters of the President should not be left to the mercy of the vetting committee. As the President indicated, this is going to be a government of inclusion, and no one person should undermine the President’s legacy because they are placed on the vetting committee.
The EFFL is fully committed to helping the President succeed and looks forward to the announcement of an effective access recovery task force and bidding procedures so that the state can invite an internationally accredited forensic auditing group to conduct a holistic audit of the outgoing government. The EFFL call for an international audit group is intended to avoid compromises and the narrative of a watch hunt by those targeted in the audit the release from EFFL concluded.

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