EFFL Urges Retrain from State Security in Ongoing BEA Mountain Protest

KINJOR, GRAND CAPE MOUNT COUNTY – The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) says it attention has been drawn to the ongoing protests in Grand Cape Mount County in the Concession areas of Bea Mountain.

The EFFL wants the Liberian National Police to exercise maximum retrain and should not prevent protesters from peacefully demonstrating against Bea Mountain.

Violent scene from the BEA Mountain Concession Area

In a press release on its official Facebook handle, the EFFL said “Cape Mount residents should have the utmost legal protection from state security in the ongoing protest in the county”.

“We EFFL believe that Liberia’s gold, diamonds, iron ore, and other natural resources have been taken from Liberia for decades under the guise of investment, and it’s time to protect our resources for the benefit of our people”, the EFFL said.

An equipment set ablaze at BEA Mountain

The EFFL however, promised to visit Bea Mountain, AML, and other businesses in Liberia to see if they are operating in accordance with their concession agreements with the Republic of Liberia; saying, “going forward, no scamming company will operate here in the name of investment”, the EFFL noted.

Citizens of BEA Mountain Concession area have been involved in a series of protest in recent weeks demanding improved living conditions, salary upgrade, health care, and other benefits which the company fails to attend to as they risk their life working for the company.

A victim been treated from a wound at BEA Mountain

Today, February 29, the protest became bloody as individuals believed to be workers of BEA Mountain destroyed trucks, working equipment and burn down police stations and other housing units which has claimed the attention of county authorities.

According to an unnamed source, there were live bullets used by state security to dispel protesters from the company’s concession area thereby leading to bloody scene in the ongoing protest.

The Informer Newspaper could not independently verify the claim by the source but video footage showed a man been treated of a wound and a man lying on the ground holding his leg from a bullet wound while a police officer was seen oozing blood from his head. Investigation continues.

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