Embracing A Year Of Triumph: Lonestar Cell MTN’s Reflections On 2023’s Pioneering Achievements

As Liberia’s Leading technology company bids farewell to 2023, Lonestar Cell MTN reflected on a year punctuated by pioneering accomplishments, technological advancements, and transformative community initiatives. 

 From the inauguration of Momo’s foreign exchange services to the empowerment of the youth through the Smartphone University Digital Skills Program, Lonestar Cell MTN has made a lasting impact on Liberia’s telecommunications sector this year. 

 Lisa R. White, Corporate Communications Manager for Lonestar Cell MTN, reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing a contemporary and interconnected experience for its subscribers. 

 “We have strived relentlessly to ensure our subscribers are at the forefront of modernity and connectivity. As a Liberian company, our deep-rooted investment in Liberia is unwavering, and our dedication to contributing in significant ways remains steadfast,” she articulated. 

 Lonestar Cell MTN has heralded a new era by modernizing its network with 4G capability, upgrading over one hundred sites in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia.

 The company is set to extend this modernization initiative into the counties in 2024, guaranteeing a seamless and enhanced connectivity experience for its subscribers. 

Capitalizing on its robust GSM network, Lonestar Cell MTN has equipped subscribers with comprehensive mobile financial services. Manju Kanneh, Manager in Mobile Financial Services, underscored the drive to strengthen global community ties with digital banking, payments with mobile money, and inbound remittance services.

 “These services not only promote financial inclusion but also fortify the bonds of the global community. We have also introduced digital lending options for both subscribers and mobile money agents to broaden our offerings,” he stated. 

 In a trailblazing move, Lonestar Cell MTN introduced ESim services for the first time in Liberia. This technological leap offers subscribers increased flexibility and convenience in managing their mobile services both nationally and internationally, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card. 

 Lonestar Cell MTN honored the unsung heroes in communities across Liberia through the Heroes of Change Program. This initiative acknowledged individuals making a positive impact, embodying the spirit of change and community development. 

In a revolutionary initiative, Lonestar Cell MTN launched the Smartphone University Digital Skills Program for At-Risk Youth. The program empowers young people with the skills to leverage the power of smartphones for income generation, inspiring them to view mobile money as a viable and positive source of income. 

 Chief Executive Officer, CEO Rahul De, stated that these milestones not only mirror our technological progress but also highlight our commitment to fostering positive social change in Liberia. 

 “We express our gratitude to our subscribers for their unwavering support and eagerly anticipate accomplishing more with increased momentum in 2024,” he concluded. 

About Lonestar Cell MTN:  

Lonestar Cell MTN is a leading telecommunications company committed to connecting people to the opportunities that enable them to progress. With a focus on innovation and community development, Lonestar Cell MTN strives to make a positive impact on the lives of its customers and the communities it serves.

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