Ex-Lottery Boss Martin Sele Kollie to Seek Compensation from Govt. If….

Former National Lottery boss Martin Sele Kollie has said he will seek his fair share of the compensation from the Government of Liberia should it proceed with the ongoing Tenured official’s removal as recently reported in the Liberian media.

Mr. Kollie, speaking to the Informer Newspaper over the weekend via WhatsApp, said he was wrongfully removed for the Liberia National Lottery top job by the former ruling CDC government.

The former Lottery Managing Director said upon his removal from his post in 2018, he sought the intervention of the Supreme Court which at the time ruled in his favor and ordered the Government of Liberia to pay the full amount due him at the time for the remainder of his unexpired term as provided by law but was never given the payment.

Mr. Kollie recounted how he had to flee from his homeland for safety of his life due to the action of the former ruling CDC government under the watch of former President George Manneh Weah.

Recently, there have been series of reports that the ruling UP Government under the watch of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has received backing from Cabinets to proceed with the removal of tenured officials who are alleged to have violated the Code of Conduct by actively participating in campaign activities during the 2023 electoral process.

Bushuben Keita, President Boakai’s Legal Advisor has been in the news recently, when he revealed that the decision to remove tenured officials was reached following the end of a day long cabinet retreat on Friday, February 23, 2024.

Cllr. Keita referenced Article 56a of the Liberian Constitution as their reliance for said decision.  Among other things, Article 56a of the Liberian Constitution states that everyone who works in the Executive Branch of government serves at the will and pleasure of the President. According to him, and in keeping with the Constitution, the President, he maintained, will exercise his authority to appoint people to any tenure position especially those tenure positions that were created by statue because he stated that they at the same time violate Article 56a of the Liberian Constitution.

The Executive branch of the Liberian Government has however, vowed to compensate those tenured officials who have been targeted for removal for their unexpired term in office in keeping with the laws.

But, speaking to this matter, the former National Lottery Managing Director Martin Sele Kollie, who is now in the United States, said he will seek compensation too; arguing “it is the Government that owed me and I am still due my payment under the laws of Liberia,” Mr. Kollie said. By Pewu Y. Sumo/0777131089

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