FeJAL Conducts Two-day TOT Mentorship for Senior Female Journalists in Bong

GBARNGA – The Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL) in partnership with USAID Media Activity, and Internews in Liberia is currently conducting a two-day “Training of Trainers” for senior female journalists’ mentors in Gbarnga, Bong County.

The TOT workshop is aimed at enhancing mentorship and increasing women journalists’ participation in the newsroom.

Moreover, senior female mentors attending the training are being taught in mentoring, advising, developing, sponsoring, protecting, and brokering their mentees in handling challenges in the media landscape of Liberia, especially at their diverse institutions.

The training is also focused on nurturing senior female mentors in providing strategies to handle challenges in the media and clarifying and affirming their mentees in their professional development.

FeJAL’s President, Lisa Diasay, speaking earlier at the training, expressed hope that upon the completion of the two-day workshop, participants will acquire the basic knowledge in providing mentorship, and guardians of their female mentees in the Liberian Media, especially in the Newsroom.

The FeJAL’s President furthered that, FeJAL, as a Women-driven media organization has been and is involved in providing mentorship and guardians for female journalists to equip them to compete with their male counterparts.

Madam Diasay believes that it is the responsibility of every senior female journalist who has acquired knowledge from their senior media professionals to give back to their mentees, adding that it would also serve as motivation for them to focus on their career development.

At the start of the training, senior mentor participants expressed expectations that upon the completion of the training, they would acquire relevant knowledge and skills to enable them to adequately nurture their mentees in improving their career developments.

The training is being held under the theme: “Enhancing Mentorship to Increase Women’s Participation in the Newsroom”.

Meanwhile, FeJAL has disclosed plans that a similar training will be conducted for emerging female journalists on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, in Gbarnga.

Wednesday’s training is expected to be facilitated by senior media mentors who are currently attending the senior TOT mentorship.

FeJAL seeks to provide professional training, skills development, and capacity building for female journalists as well as other media practitioners and also other media-related groups. It is engaged in the protection of the rights of female journalists in the Liberian media landscape.

The Female Journalist Association of Liberia also envisions a media landscape where women journalists and females employed in media spaces are seen and treated the same as their male counterparts.

The ‘TOT’ training is being facilitated by veteran Liberian Female Journalist Carolyn Myers Zoudah, with six (6) participating mentors in attendance. By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

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