Fighting for Legacy: President Boakai Names Assets Recovery & Property Retrieval Core Team Members

MONROVIA – Following the declaration of Executive Order #126 for the recovery and return of national assets by H.E. President Joseph Nyuma Boakai in an attempt to reestablish the legitimacy, accountability, and transparency of the governing process, a team to lead the campaign has been named.

The goal of the decision is to address the worrying tendency of public officials using their positions of authority to transfer public assets to private use.
The Team is expected to lead the charge to ensure processes leading to the location, recovery, and retrieval of public resources and properties. 

Personalities named to the Core Team, who are to meticulously follow and implement the Executive Order, are:

1. Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin, Chairman
2. Ms. Maima Robertson, Vice Chair
3. Mr. Alexander Cuffy, Member, Special Advisor 
4. Mr. Martin Kollie, Member, Good Governance Activist
5. Mr. Ahmed Dempster, Member
6. Hon. Emmanuel Gonquoi, Member, Advocate
7. Dr. Ranny B. Jackson, Member, Public Policy Expert
8. Ms. Angel Andrews, Member, Youth Representative
9. Ms. Victoria Moinsemah, Member, Business Community
10. Mr. George Moore, Member, Security
11. John Mulbah Gblee, Member, Security
12. Mr. Trocon Martin Allen, Member, Private Sector
13. Representative, General Services Agency
14. Representative, Liberia National Police
15. Representative, Ministry of Justice

The Minister of State Without Portfolio for Special Services will serve as ex-officio. 

It is recommended that the Task Force use diplomatic and Interpol channels to extradite persons who have been identified as suspects but are not under Liberia’s jurisdiction, placing them under the purview of the investigation team.
Additionally, President Boakai stressed that the Task Force ought to seize assets from private parties that have unlawfully acquired government property.

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