Former Nimba lawmaker Johnson Gwaikolo reported dead

MONROVIA – Former Nimba County District #9 Representative in the 54th Legislature, Honorable Johnson Gwaikolo has died according to close family sources.

Family sources told the INFORMER Newspaper that Rep. Gwaikolo died at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in Congo Town, Monrovia. The cause of his death remains unknown.

He was well known for been an educator and a seasoned politician in the 54th National Legislature.

The late Gwaikolo served as Deputy Minister of Public Works during the administration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and as President of the United Methodist University (UMU). He had previously served in the National Legislative Assembly during the civil war in Liberia.

Rep. Gwaikolo was defeated in last year’s Representative election, losing to Honorable Taa Wongbe, who is now the Representative of Nimba County Electoral District #9.

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