Kokoyah District Residents Accuse Senator Moye of ‘Witch Hunting’ MNG GOLD Camp Superintendent

(Kokoyah, Bong County) – Several residents of Kokoyah District, Bong County have allegedly accused Bong County Senator Prince Kermue Moye of being the master minder of the alleged “Political Witch Hunt” against MNG Gold Camp Superintendent Michael Thompson Jackson to remove him from his position in the County.

The Kokoyah residents told  The Informer  that at no time they, as residents of the district ever call on the Management of the Turkish Mining Company to dismiss Mr. Michael Thompson Jackson from his post.

They added that the plot against the MNG Gold Camp Superintendent is being masterminded by Bong County Senator Prince Kermue Moye on grounds that Mr. Jackson did not support the Unity Party during the 2023 General Elections.

“We the residents of this District have never told the MNG Management to dismiss King Michael because we know what this man has done for our children and the entire community; that which cannot be done by even Senator Moye who is plotting against him. King Michael opened a Driving School in this district for our Children and he has been doing so many good things for us, so how can we tell MNG Gold to dismiss him? Right now if you stand in this town and say King Michael wants to see the town people, you will see the number of people that will gather, this will not be for fun because this man is a very good person. This whole thing is being masterminded by our own Senator Prince Moye,” they noted.

According to them, besides the free Driving School organized by Mr. Jackson in the district, their children who attended the driving school were able to obtain their Driver’s license fees from Johnny K.  Kpehe who is now a Senator for Bong County through the connection between him and Mr. Jackson.

Amongst other things, the Kokoyah District natives named the recruitment of residents of the district in the company’s employ through the intervention of Mr. Michael Thompson Jackson and the construction of modern structures in David Deans’ Town and other towns as some initiatives that have caused Senator Moye to witch hunt Mr. Jackson for his position.

“You know Senator Moye is a man who wants everything to be in his name, so for that reason, he is going against this man because of his developmental undertakings in this district,” the citizens alleged.

The citizens then made a specific reference to the removal of other Bongese from their posts through the influence of the Bong County Senator.

Moreover, the citizens are also pointing accusing fingers at the Bong county Senator for being the one inciting some residents of David Dean Town to plot against Mr. Jackson on grounds that he (Michael Thompson Jackson) has refused to get in alignment with some senior staffers of the company to carry on dubious acts.

“My son, the reason Senator Moye is witch-hunting this young man is that King Michael is not honoring his request to do bad deeds in the company yard,” Mother Lorpu Tokpah told our reporter.

Additionally, Junior George and Joseph Tamba, two commercial motorcyclists residing in the district in separate remarks expressed total disappointment in the information circulating in the county concerning the dismissal of Mr. Jackson from the company.

They further accused Senator Moye of constantly being involved in witch-hunting eminent sons and daughters of Bong county and also terming motorcyclists as Chickens and Belly-Driven individuals.

“We the motorcyclists of this Kokoyah District have been insulted on many occasions by Senator Prince Moye, so for that, he wants to lie on us to gain relevance in the District, but he is deceiving himself”, the duo lamented.

Meanwhile, the Kokoyah District inhabitants are calling on the management of MNG Gold Liberia not to give listening ears to the alleged plot being orchestrated by Senator Moye.

“We are calling on the management of MNG Gold not to listen to Senator Moye because Michael Thompson Jackson is doing well for us in the area,” they said. 

When contacted, the Bong County Senator, through text message (s), termed the allegation leveled against him as false and misleading.

He said that he has no idea about rumors regarding the removal of Mr. Jackson from his post at the company.

Senator Moye further told our reporter that his focus is on national issues, but not on witch-hunting people.

“I have no idea and I’m busy with national issues. I have heard of these rumors, and I’m trying to find out what’s happening. I will speak with the committee responsible for the citizen’s employment,” Senator Moye noted.

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

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