LFA Begins Phase Two Distribution of Sponsorship Package

By Pewu Y. Sumo/0777131089

The Liberian Football Association (LFA) has begun the distribution of various packages to teams in the top three divisions of Liberian football.

In a post on its official Facebook handle, the footballing authority said,” The Liberia Football Association informs all clubs in the 2023/2024 Orange national league that the sponsorship package for the second phase is now available.

All clubs are kindly asked to visit the finance department during regular working hours from Mondays to Fridays between 9:00AM to 5:00PM to collect their checks beginning 26 January.

First Division US$3,500 per club (14 clubs)

Second Division US$1,500 per club (16 clubs)

Upper Women’s Division US$1,500 per club (12 clubs)

Kindly note that the money will be paid in Liberian dollars at the rate of 189 as was made available by our sponsor”, the LFA stated.

The footballing authority has seen steady rise and improvement in Liberian football under the current leadership of its President Mustapha Raji in recent years.

Raji is credited for improving Liberian football with the sponsorship of the top division (First Division) been done by Orange.

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