Liberian Musician Teddyride Off The Hook In Controversial ‘Power Theft’ Saga

By Pewu Y. Sumo/0777131089

(Liberia) – Liberian Musical artist Darius Kumorteh better known as Teddyride has been cleared from the controversial power theft saga that took place at his home in Congo Town yesterday, January 16, 2024.
The home of the Liberian musical artist was inspected by anti-power theft inspectors who found that the meter which was installed in the home of the musical star was “bypass” to allow non purchase of LEC credit.
However, when taken to the head office of the anti-power theft unit in Duport-Road, Teddyride proved his innocence and was released by authorities.
The head of the anti-power theft unit, Madam Mary T. Broh said that investigation proved that the Liberian Musical artist was not aware that the meter in his home was bypass.
Madam Broh said “I got a call and made sure they (LEC technicians) brought the meter in; my technicians told me the meter was on power theft and we found out that it was the house keeper and the security that was doing that because he (Teddyride) has not been in the country. He came and we showed him the bypassed meter but he admitted that he just came into the country”, Madam Broh clarified.
The former GSA Director said the issue of the power theft was in no way Teddyride’s fault and warned those spreading the news that the musical star was involved in power theft to desist.
On his part, the ‘Find a friend like me’ hit maker said those were all propaganda against him by some of his adversaries and encouraged his fans and followers not to get distracted by the hate being orchastrated against him.
Teddyride called on Liberians in general not to get involved in power theft so as to allow the LEC collect the needed revenue from the sales of LEC credit that will help improve the country and provide jobs for Liberians.

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