LLA Commences Demolition of Makeshift Structures in Bong

GBARNGA, BONG COUNTY – The Liberia Land Authority (LLA), Bong Chapter has commenced the demolition of makeshift structures along major streets in Gbarnga City, Bong County.

The disclosure was made by Bong County Land Administrator Mr. Victor Brown.

The demolition exercise, according to the Bong County Land Administrator, is intended to give a facelift to the Capital City of Bong County. He also added that the exercise is in line with the Liberia Land Authority Act of 2016.

Demolition exercise in Gbarnga City, Bong County

 “Since the establishment of Bong County in 1964, there has been no good improvement in Gbarnga City only because people are not willing to develop the City, and if Gbarnga City is to be compared to other cities like Ganta, we must effectuate the laws,” Brown added.

Administrator Brown said there are people in the habit of violating the legal rights of the Liberia Land Authority; an act according to him needs to be put to an immediate end by taking necessary actions against those violating the land authority laws.

According to Brown, his office was granted permission from the Justice system of Liberia after praying for legal permission from the 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Bong County to carry on the demolition exercise.

On February 28, 2024, the authority of the LLA was seen breaking down makeshift structures including booths, and zinc buildings at the old Iron Gate Community in the City.

Administrator Brown said, phase one of the demolition exercise will target makeshift structures along the Duala to Old-Iron Gate route while phase two will capture makeshift structures along the principal streets of Gbarnga.

The Bong County Land Authority Boss also disclosed that people owning shops along the main streets of Gbarnga who will not comply with the imposed LLA’s mandate will be compelled to lease their spots to individuals who are financially potent to build flat-top or decent buildings along the main streets of Gbarnga.

 “People who have shops on the front view of the streets will have to lease their areas to investors if they cannot live up to the mandate from the Liberia Land Authority,” Mr. Brown added.

The Liberia Land Authority Bong County Administrator believes if Gbarnga City is to be developmentally compared to other counties capitals in Liberia; the Land Authority Law needs to be enforced.

At the same time, Mr. Brown also disclosed the clearing and pavement of major alleys in the city of Gbarnga immediately following the demolition of makeshift structures at the height of the city.

According to him, some residents in the city are in the constant habit of building on major alleys in the city, something he said needs to be eradicated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Brown is calling on residents of the city, especially people operating in makeshift structures along the main street of Gbarnga and those carrying on construction works on major alleys in the city to be aware of the ongoing exercise and act by the land authority to curtail future embarrassment.

The primary mandate of the Authority is to develop policies continuously, undertake actions, and implement programs for land governance.

The Liberia Land Authority was established by an Act of the National Legislature on October 6, 2016, as an autonomous agency of the Government with operational independence, subsumes land functions that were performed by several agencies of the Government, including the key land administration agencies.

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) is a product of the policy, legal, and institutional reform of the land sector of Liberia led by the Erstwhile Land Commission. By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

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