Lonestar Cell MTN Empowers At-Risk Youth with Digital Skills and Mobile Entrepreneurship through its Smartphone University

Lonestar Cell MTN proudly announces the graduation of 50 students from its transformative Smartphone University Digital Skills Program for At Risk Youth.

In collaboration with the Destiny Recovery Program located in Battery Factory, Japan Freeway, the initiative sought to empower at-risk youth by providing them with a new smartphone and data, essential digital skills, with a special focus on harnessing the power of smartphones for business and enabling them to become mobile money agents.

The Smartphone University Digital Skills Program for At Risk Youth is an integral part of Lonestar Cell MTN’s commitment to community development and focuses on equipping participants with mobile technology proficiency, internet literacy, digital communication, and the entrepreneurial skills necessary to thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape.

During the comprehensive class, students learned the practical applications of smartphones for business, social media marketing, gaining insights into leveraging these powerful devices to enhance their entrepreneurial ventures.

Twenty-two-year-old Matthew D. Kerkula, a participant in the one-day workshop wished the program could be extended to two days.

“I learned new things. The information presented during the training added a lot for my educational journey,” he said.

The Crozier Ville Township native urged Lonestar Cell MTN Smartphone University to bring this training to the rural areas where young people may not have access to a smartphone let alone the digital skills training.

The program also offered specialized training on becoming mobile money agents, providing a unique opportunity for the graduates to participate in the rapidly growing mobile financial services sector and generate much needed income.

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, and founder of the program, Lisa R. White, said the program does more than just provide digital skills and social media marketing training.

“We are fostering a new generation of tech-savvy entrepreneurs. The students have not only learned the fundamental skills needed to navigate the digital world but have also discovered the potential of smartphones as tools for economic empowerment,” she said.

The 50 graduates, proud alumni of the Destiny Recovery Program in Battery Factory, Japan Freeway, each received a brand-new Itel A16 Smartphone and 1gb of data to kickstart their journey in the digital realm.

The graduation ceremony celebrated the accomplishments of these determined individuals and marked a significant milestone in their pursuit of a brighter future.

Lonestar Cell MTN believes in the power of education to transform lives. By providing these at-risk youth with the skills and tools they need, we are not just bridging the digital divide; we are opening doors to new possibilities and opportunities,” added Ms. White.

Pastor Jerry Saway, Head of the Destiny Recovery Program, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration.

“The partnership with Lonestar Cell MTN has been instrumental in providing our students with valuable digital skills and a pathway to economic independence. We are grateful for the commitment of Lonestar Cell MTN in empowering the youth and creating a positive impact in our community,” he said.

Lonestar Cell MTN CEO, Rahul De, said Liberia’s leading technology company remains committed its corporate social responsibility.

“We will continue to leverage our influence and resources to uplift communities and create a positive impact on society. The Smartphone University Digital Skills Program for At Risk Youth is a testament to the company’s dedication to empowering individuals and fostering economic development in Liberia.

About Lonestar Cell MTN:
Lonestar Cell MTN is a leading telecommunications company committed to connecting people to the opportunities that enable them to progress. With a focus on innovation and community development, Lonestar Cell MTN strives to make a positive impact on the lives of its customers and the communities it serves.

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