LRA Staff Elected As Vice Chair At World Customs Organization

PAYNESVILLE – The Liberian Revenue Authority (LRA) is celebrating the achievement of one of its staff members, Abraham Siaffa. Mr. Siaffa was recently elected Vice Chairperson for the Permanent Technical Committee (PTC) at the World Customs Organization (WCO).

Mr. Siaffa currently serves as the Manager for the Customs Risk and Intelligence Unit at the LRA. His dedication and commitment to his role have been recognized on the international stage with this prestigious one-year appointment. The LRA commended Mr. Siaffa and urged him to continue his focus on revenue collection for Liberia.

LRA’s Siaffa (second from left) along with other elected members of the WCT TFC

Promoting Trade Facilitation

As Vice Chair of the PTC, Mr. Siaffa will play a key role in promoting, developing, and implementing trade facilitation tools and instruments aligned with the WCO’s Strategic Plan. He will collaborate with member countries to introduce and champion initiatives that enhance customs effectiveness through information technology and electronic commerce. This includes streamlining trade processes and reducing the time required for goods release.

Liberia on the World Stage

Mr. Siaffa sees his election as a significant milestone for Liberia. It positions the country at the forefront of discussions on improving customs procedures and developing technological solutions to bolster trade facilitation.

“This election signifies Liberia’s growing role in shaping international customs practices and procedures,” Mr. Siaffa remarked. “It reflects confidence in Liberia’s customs administration expertise and its dedication to international cooperation in trade facilitation and security.”

In his new role, Mr. Siaffa will be responsible for fostering collaboration and information exchange on customs procedures and trade facilitation with international organizations, governments, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

The LRA in a presss release said it takes pride in Mr. Siaffa’s achievement, recognizing it as a testament to Liberia’s progress in customs administration.

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