LRA Staff Honor Deputy Commissioner Generals

Employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), led by the Management Information System Division (MISD) have paid tribute to and honored two eminent figures within the tax Authority for their exceptional contributions and high-quality leadership.

Deputy Commissioner General for Technical Affairs (Acting Commissioner General) Gabriel Y. Montgomery and Deputy Commissioner General for Administrative Affairs, Samuel G. Bennett Jr., received a surprise accolade during the Authority’s year-end general staff meeting, recognizing their impactful leadership.

The event, held at the LRA Headquarters in Paynesville on Friday, December 16, witnessed Assistant Commissioner of the MIS Division, Kollie U. Zayzay, expressing gratitude to the two senior officials for their instrumental roles in enhancing the division’s efficiency and the professional advancement of long-serving staff members.

Acknowledging the dedication and commitment exhibited by 18 MISD staff, who were promoted to various levels based on their outstanding performance, Zayzay highlighted their collective efforts in driving revenue growth through the implementation of digitalization strategies.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Gabriel Y. Montgomery and Samuel G. Bennett for their unwavering support toward our division and their recognition of the deserving staff members’ promotions,” noted Kollie.

Since assuming their roles as Deputy Commissioner Generals in December 2022, Montgomery and Bennett, along with the executive management team, have consistently endeavored to revolutionize the LRA across all spheres.

“Their employee-centric approach since assuming senior roles is a testament to their exemplary leadership,” emphasized the MISD Assistant Commissioner.

The honoring and recognition of the two Deputy Commissioner Generals by the MISD team coincided with the LRA quarterly staff meeting and was accompanied by the elevation of 25 employees to higher job level positions within the organization.

Meanwhile, the senior management team has pledged its commitment to prioritize staff welfare, acknowledging that a motivated workforce plays a pivotal role in bolstering revenue collection and propelling growth within the Authority.

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