Minister Francis Nyumalin Sr. inducting Bong County officials into office

New Bong County Leaders Inducted, Urged to Prioritize Peace and Development

BONG COUNTY – Freshly appointed local leaders in Bong County were recently sworn in alongside Superintendent Loleeyah Hawa Norris during a momentous induction ceremony.

Minister of Internal Affairs Francis Nyumalin Sr. officiated at the event, offering a clear message to the new officials: prioritize the people and maintain neutrality to ensure peace and reconciliation. Minister Nyumalin emphasized the critical role chiefs play in resolving disputes and fostering peaceful coexistence within communities. He cautioned against the misuse of cultural traditions for personal gain.

Newly inducted Bong County officials

Superintendent Norris acknowledged the significant hurdles Bong County faces, pinpointing a lack of transparency, accountability, and effective contracting practices as major impediments to progress. She pledged to bridge divides and unite the county, working collaboratively with all residents regardless of political or religious affiliation. Education, healthcare, road infrastructure, youth development, and women’s empowerment were highlighted as key priorities for her administration.

The ceremony underscored the vital role leadership, transparency, and unity play in propelling Bong County forward. The newly appointed leaders and Superintendent Norris stand committed to tackling challenges and striving for a brighter future for the county and its citizens.

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