President Boakai Designates More Than 160 in Government

MONROVIA – His Excellency Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., the President of the Republic of Liberia, has nominated more officials that will have an impact on the Margibi and Sinoe Counties Local Government.

The Liberian Senate must provide its approval to these nominations, if relevant.

The nominees are:

I.    Margibi County
1.    B. Lewis Kaine- County Administrative Officer, Kakata City, Margibi County
2.    Togea Samu Zarwea- County Development Officer, Kakata City, Margibi County
3.    Mrs. Maria Doe- County Finance Officer, Kakata City, Margibi County
4.    Rev. Gbanrgawoe Eddie Seyboe- City Mayor, Kakata City, Margibi County
5.    Judy Z. Smith- City Mayor, Unification City, Margibi
6.    James J. Kpleh- City Mayor, Marshall City
7.    Sam N. Golue- County Relieving Commissioner, Kakata City, Margibi County
8.    Martin K. Senegba- Commissioner, Larkata Township
9.    James Ketter- Commissioner, Cinta Township
10.    Mr. Arthur G. Kollie- Commissioner, Borlorla Township
11.    Mr. Jenkins N. Quaye- Commissioner, Shiefflin Township
12.    Mr. Samuel Willie- Commissioner, Charlesville Township
13.    Arthur Borkuah- Commissioner, Kaba District, Margibi County
14.    Mdm. Rebecca Hills- Commissioner, Mambahn District, Margibi County
15.    William Lemuel- Commissioner, Gibi Adm. District, Margibi County
16.    Joshua M. Dennis- Commissioner, Lloydville Township  

II.    Sinoe County
1.    Darius Shajay Nagbe Sr- Statutory Superintendent, Kpanyan Statutory District

2.    Alfred J. Jarwood- Commissioner, Numopoh District, Kpanyan Statutory District

3.    Augustine K. Chea- Commissioner, Kpanyan District, Kpanyan Statutory District

4.    S. Kanboe Sneh- Commissioner, Petu District, Kpanyan Statutory District

5.    Stephen Wion- Commissioner, Planson District, Kpanyan Statutory District

6.    H. Warrant Cooper- Commissioner, Greenville District, Kpanyan Statutory District

7.    Dennis T. W. Jabbah- Commissioner, Butaw District, Kpanyan Statutory District 

8.    Nathaniel Chenwlah- Commissioner, Murrayville Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
9.    Bestman Weagbe- Commissioner, Kou Township, Kpanyan Statutory District 
10.    Mentu Saye- Commissioner, Menwah Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
11.    Anthony Tweh- Commissioner, Dorbor Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
12.    Daddy Toteh- Commissioner, Ceedor Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
13.    Nehemiah Sneh- Commissioner, Blountville Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
14.    Stanton Birch- Commissioner, Lexington Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
15.    Samuel B. Strother- Commissioner, Louisiana Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
16.    Saywon Wah- Commissioner, Farmerville Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
17.    Peter N. Jerboe- Commissioner, Worteh Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
18.    Joseph James- Commissioner, Longville Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
19.    Wleh Gbalee- Commissiner, Saytue Township, Kpanyan Statutory District 
20.    Chancy B. Jarwee- Commissioner, Jerwee Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
21.    Lawson Geoh- Commissioner, Kamanyan Township, Kpanyan Statutory District
22.    Alfred Jah- Commissioner, Duo-Wolee Nyenuee Township, Kpanyan Statutory District 
23.    George Bartee- Mayor, Tubmanville City
24.    Philip N. Wah- Mayor, Delkilo City
25.    Oliver Tweh- Mayor, Twehville City
26.    Prince W. Nimely- Mayor, Tolbertville City
27.    Sem K. Seah Sr- Superintendent, Dugbe River Statutory District
28.     George S. Tenneh- Commissioner, Jlah District, Dugbe River Statutory District
29.    Gabriel N. Wesseh- Commissioner, Sarbor District, Dugbe River Statutory District
30.    Doe Kekeh Doe- Commissioner, Klah District, Dugbe River Statutory District
31.    Patrick J. Doe- Commissioner, Ba-Nakay District, Dugbe River Statutory District
32.    Kii Wleh- Commissioner, Klah Municipality, Dugbe River Statutory District
33.    Archibald Bartee- Commissioner, Nana Kru Township, Dugbe River Statutory District
34.    Charles Tekay- Commissioner, Lower Tuoh Township, Dugbe River Statutory District
35.    Nah Waleh- Commissioner, Gbakla Township, Dugbe River Statutory District
36.    Peter Blay- Commissioner, Menwah Walker Township, Dugbe River Statutory District
37.    Mccauley Nagbe- Commissioner, Swenpo Township, Dugbe River Statutory District
38.    T. Ernest Slah Iii- Commissioner, Kaequekpoh Township, Dugbe River Statutory District
39.    Sorey Sackor- Commissioner, Gmankenkpo Township, Dugbe River Statutory District
40.    Dolly D. Doe- Commissioner, Gbardee Dweh Township, Dugbe River Statutory District
41.    K. Tweh Slewion- Commissioner, Gbata Township, Dugbe River Statutory District 
42.    P. Alexander S. Slah- Mayor, Karquekpoh City
43.    Jeremiah Swen- Mayor, Gbalakpoh City
44.    Solomon S. Tefleh- Mayor, Swenpon City
45.    Emmanuel W. Manneh- Mayor, Gbakla City
46.    Darius Kiah- Mayor, Menwe Walker City
47.    Eugene M. Swen- Mayor, Nyanpon City
48.    Alex Nah-Wleh- Mayor, Klowen City
49.    Johnny Wion- Statutory Superintendent- Jedepo Statutory District
50.    Christain Swen- Commissioner, Ta-Jadepo District, Jadepo Statutory District
51.    Alex Jah- Commissioner, Jorboh District, Jadepo Statutory District
52.    Nofoko Johnson- Commissioner, Suay District, Jadepo Statutory District
53.    Jerry Karteh- Commissioner, Dubukon District, Jadepo Statutory District
54.    Wilfred Blayee- Mayor, Ducorfree City
55.    J.J. Wleh Wesseh- Mayor, Nyanasu City
56.    Othello Sneh- Mayor, Kijliken City
57.    Paul Wesseh- Mayor, Jokokree City
58.    Topoe Tuah Wleh- Mayor, Dooduwaken City
59.    Alex Piso- Mayor, Bletiken City
60.    Nelson Teh- Commissioner, Jarpuken Township, Jadepo Statutory District
61.    Isiah Jaychenneh- Commissioner, Jokoken Township, Jadepo Statutory District
62.    Edwin Q. Sloh- Commissioner, Gbartiken Township, Jadepo Statutory District
63.    James N. Komoteh- Com Missioner, Jehdubu Township, Jadepo Statutory District
64.    Otis Pennoh- Commissioner, Dooduwaken Township, Jadepo Statutory District
65.    Elijah Sneh- Commissioner, Swendubukoun Township, Jedepo Statutory District
66.    Milton P. Tumoe- Commissioner, Martuken Township, Jadepo Statutory District
67.    Jerry Dweh- Commissioner, Wotuwon Township, Jadepo Statutory District
68.    John B. Wleh- Commissioner, Jarboville Township, Jadepo Statutory District
69.    Leviticus S. Tarpeh- Statutory Superintendent, Jaedae Statutory District
70.    S. Wiah Tarplah- Commissioner, Jaedae Quioh District, Jaedae Statutory District
71.    D. Walatee Boyee- Commissioner, Jaedae District, Jaedae Statutory District
72.    Sylvester N. Wesseh- Commissioner, Bokon District, Jaedae Statutory District
73.    Nathaniel Kumeh- Commissioner, Ninee Municipality, Jaedae Statutory District
74.    Alex K. Koffa- Commissioner, Bodae District, Jaedae Statutory District
75.    Tarpeh Dorwon- Commissioner, Seongbaeville District, Jaedae Statutory District
76.    H. Doe Kofa- Commissioner, Lower Bokon Township, Jaedae Statutory District
77.    Christopher Nyongbe- Commissioner, Bokon Township, Jaedae Statutory District
78.    Melvin Lee Doe- Commissioner, Mount Susu Municipality, Jaedae Statutory District
79.    Philip D. Swen- Commissioner, Jarkaken Township, Jaedae Statutory District
80.    H. Kofa Doe- Commissioner, Diyankpo Township, Jaedae Statutory District
81.    Isaac Doe- Commissioner, Bodubu Township, Jaedae Statutory District
82.    Naomi Gray- Mayor, Diyankpo City
83.    George Tarplah- Mayor, Duku City
84.    T. Gbarwin Swen- Mayor, Jarkaken City
85.    Adolphus Gbargbeh- Mayor, Tuzonburg City
86.    Helena S. Sackor- Mayor, Titiyen City
87.    Sammkai O. Bility- Statutory Superintendent, Juarzon Statutory District
88.    Easter Togba- Commissioner, Juarzon District, Juarzon Statutory District
89.    John Karlor- Commissioner, Lower Juarzon District, Juarzon Statutory District
90.    Elijah C. Karpeh- Commissioner, Central Juarzon District, Juarzon Statutory District
91.    Vester Jardiah- Commissioner, Upper Juarzon District, Juarzon Statutory District
92.    Tolbert Norman- Mayor, Bilibokree City 
93.    Milton Pyne- Mayor, Gbaswen City
94.    Doris Jah- Commissioner, Nedoweh Township, Juarzon Statutory District
95.    Angeline Farley- Commissioner, Kpasarbah Township, Juarzon Statutory District
96.    Viola Saywiah- Statutory Superintendent, Seekon Statutory District
97.    Nathaniel Farley- Commissioner, Juboe District, Seekon Statutory District
98.    Nyounthy Krahn- Commissioner, Peljaydoe District, Seekon Statutory District
99.    Friday Yay- Commissioner, Tonny District, Seekon Statutory District
100.    David Saydee- Commissioner, Plansonjah District, Seekon Statutory District
101.    Helena Farley- Mayor, Planidilabo City
102.    Rev. Sampson Kannah- Mayor, Mexico City
103.    Rufus Gleeah- Mayor, Judue City
104.    Christina William- Mayor, Voogbardee City
105.    George Kowho- Mayor, Pellokon City
106.    Isaac Quotoe- Commissioner, Toboe Township, Seekon Statutory District
107.    Catherine Robert- Commissioner, Saywiah Township, Seekon Statutory District
108.    David Queateh- Commissioner, Slawo-Wo Township, Seekon Statutory District
109.    Lawrence Jarboe- Commissioner, Zoe-Saydee Township, Seekon Statutory District
110.    Kweku Quelay- Statutory Superintendent, Wacaba Statutory District
111.    Steven Doewleh- Commissioner, Upper Wedjah District, Wacaba Statutory District
112.    Agnes G. Queeley- Commissioner, Lower Wedjah District, Wacaba Statutory District
113.    Kulah Wiah- Commissioner, Upper Carbadae District, Wacaba Statutory District
114.    Annie Wah- Commissioner, Lower Carbadae District, Wacaba Statutory District
115.    Feleciah Karpeh- Mayor, Gbalawin City
116.    Grace Farley- Mayor, Wrowiah City
117.    Daniel Sennah- Mayor, Shadee City
118.    Thomas Sneh- Mayor, Gbajueboe City
119.    Joseph Tailue- Mayor, Chebioh City
120.    Joseph S. Teah- Mayor, Tetee Jaywee City
121.    Ophelia Gbordor- Mayor, Flahn City
122.    Harris Seyon- Commissioner, Kai Township, Wacaba Statutory District
123.    Edwin Foah- Commissioner, Geelor Township, Wacaba Statutory District
124.    Alex Kublee- Commissioner, Polagbeville Township, Wacaba Statutory District
125.    Victoria F. Jah- Commissioner, Mile 48 Township, Wacaba Statutory District
126.    Joe P. Sumo- Statutory Superintendent, Tarjuowon Statutory District
127.    Peter Keh- Commissioner, Kulu District, Tarjuowon Statutory District
128.    Nathan Bloh- Commissioner, Plahn District, Tarjuowon Statutory District
129.    Philip Q. Pantoe- Commissioner, Shaw-Bo District, Tarjuowon Statutory District
130.    Sylvester B. Gblah- Commissioner, Nyarn District, Tarjuowon Statutory District
131.    Joseph J. Dehjay- Mayor, Unification City
132.    Wilbert Ponnie- Mayor, Clarksville City
133.    Ruth Mapu Chea- Mayor, Jacksonville City
134.    Thomas Neewlay- Mayor, Simijilla City
135.    Napoleon Kingston- Mayor, Bestnewlue City
136.    Dixon Bodioh- Mayor, Gleatah City
137.    Samuel K. George- Commissioner, Myerville Township, Tarjuowon Statutory District
138.    Timothy Saymah- Commissioner, Nyamville Township, Tarjuowon Statutory District
139.    Josephus T. Dehjay- Commissioner, Dorbiohville Township, Tarjuowon Statutory District
140.    Saydee Bioh- Commissioner, Shaw-David Township, Tarjuowon Statutory District
141.    Duncan Tarjubue- Commissioner, Kingston Weagbah Township, Tarjuowon Statutory District
142.    John T. Toteh- Commissioner, Upper Nyan Township, Tarjuowon Statutory District
143.    Polson Tarley- Commissioner, Neeweh Township, Tarjuowon Statutory District
144.    Agent Wonjah- Commissioner, Samuville Township, Tarjuowon Statutory District
145.    Morris Bewehyee- Commissioner, Bewehyee Township, Tarjuowon Statutory District
146.    Augustine P. Solomon- Statutory Superintendent, Sanquin Statutory District
147.    Alderine S. Wiah- Commissioner, Geetroh District, Sanquin Statutory District
148.    Solomon Wleh- Commissioner, Toetoe-Duo District, Sanquin Statutory District
149.    Arthur Pyne- Commissioner, Tarsue-Karbor District, Sanquin Statutory District
150.    Jepheth B. Dorjue- Mayor, Geetroh City
151.    Titus Johnson- Mayor, Togbaville City
152.    Rose F. Jayenneh- Mayor, Kayweah City
153.    Mark Tiahgo- Mayor, Tonita City
154.    Othello Wleh- Mayor, Palm Wine City
155.    Mary Geegbe- Mayor, Baima City
156.    Henery Wolloh- Commissioner, Totoe Township, Sanquin Statutory District
157.    Eric Gboyne- Commissioner, Tarsu Township, Sanquin Statutory District
158.    Henry Ponah- Commissioner, Geetroh Township, Sanquin Statutory District
159.    Abraham Buweh- Commissioner, Neequiah Township, Sanquin Statutory District
160.    Matthew Tarpeay- Commssioner, Upper Sanquin Township, Sanquin Statutory District
161.    David Blay- Commissioner, Lower Sanquin Township, Sanquin Statutory District
162.    Jerome D. Gbayee- Commissioner, Wotuken Township, Sanquin Statutory District
163.    Leo Nah- Commissioner, Troday Township, Sanquin Statutory District

President Boakai also exhorts everyone who has been nominated or appointed to continue serving the nation with dedication, commitment, integrity, professionalism, and loyalty.

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