President Boakai Makes New Nominations in Government

MONROVIA President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., has made additional nominations in Government affecting the Local Government of Rivercess, River Gee, Grand Cape Mount, Montserrado, Grand Gedeh, Maryland, Nimba and Sinoe Counties.

The Counties and those nominated are:

I. Rivercess County

1. Dennis G. Seeboe- County Administrative Officer, Rivercess County
2. James M. Peters- County Financial Officer, Rivercess County
3. Estella Logan- County Development Officer, Rivercess County
4. Mark Morton- City Mayor, Cestos City, River County
5. Jerry Cole- Commissioner, Zarflah District, Rivercess County
6. Robert Morris- Commissioner, Fahn River District, Rivercess County
7. Anthony V. Zwehgar- Commissioner, Nyonwlen District, Rivercess County
8. Sensee Roberts- Statutory Superintendent, Central C, Rivercess County
9. Esther Juludoe- Commissioner, Jo-River District, Rivercess County
10. Paul Sayuah- Commissioner, Moweh Statutory District, Rivercess County
11. Daniel Zeo- Commissioner, Sengbalor District, Rivercess County
12. Henry Sobeon- Statutory District Superintendent, Yarnee District, Rivercess County
13. Matalay Teah- Commissioner, Hardenvule Township, Rivercess County
14. Janjan Zeodegar- Commissioner, Yarpah Township, Rivercess County
15. Nathaniel Grayoung- Commissioner, Little Liberia, Rivercess County
16. Jackson Jimlack- Commissioner, Charle Township, Rivercess County

II. River Gee County

3. Vicky Jallah- Commissioner, Chacheken Township, Sarbo District
    2. Alphonso Jallah- Relieving Commissioner, Sarbo Statutory District
    3. Alfred Nyon Penue- Commissioner, Panton-Wion, Tienpo Statutory District

III. Grand Cape Mount County

1. Mr. Lawrence D. Brown- Statutory District Development Officer- Porkpa- Golakonneh Statutory District
2. Ms. Isatta Massaquoi- Relieving Commissioner, Porkpa- Golakonneh Statutory District
3. Mr. Ray B. Dagoseh- District Inspector, Porkpa- Golakonneh Statutory District

IV. Montserrado County

1. Mr. Mcphearson Daweh- Commissioner, Westpoint, Montserrado County
2. Thomas S. Cassell- Commissioner, Cheesemanburg, Montserrado County
3. Mr. Rudolph Siafa Buima- Commissioner, Garwoluhn Township, Montserrado County
4. Mr. Wilson Kanasuah- Commissioner, White Plains Township, Montserrado County
5. Mr. Joko Harris- Commissioner, Harrisburg Township, Montserrado County
6. Mr. Elijah George- Commissioner, Mount Coffee Township, Montserrado County

V. Grand Gedeh County

1. Mr. Moses Cheawulu- Statutory Superintendent, Konobo Statutory District
2. Mr. Edward V. Kai Kula- Statutory Development Officer, Konobo Statutory District
3. Mr. James Dougbaryee Sr- Statutory Development Officer, Gbarzon Statutory District
4. Mr. George Gbarwea- Relieving Commissioner, Gbarzon Statutory District
5. Mdm. Cecelia Borkey- Statutory Administrative Officer, Gbarzon Statutory District
6. Mr. Alfred M. Tarlue- District Commissioner, Gboe-Ploe Adm. District
7. Mr. Josephus Krady Garley- District Commissioner, Cavalla Adm. District 
8.  Mr. Gaye Gbarduo- District Commissioner, Tchien Adm. District
9. Mr. Alphonso Munah- District Commissioner, Glio/Twarbo Adm. District
10. Mr. Abraham Koryor- District Commissioner, Konobo Adm. District
11. Mr. Emmanuel Gaye- District Commissioner, Putu Adm. District
12. Mr. Junior Z. Totaye- District Administrative Officer, Gbao Adm. District
13. Mr. Andrew Gaye- Township Commissioner, Sayouo Township
14. Mr. Matthew Z. Gaye- Township Commissioner, Zleh Borkey Township, Gbao Adm. District
15. Mr. Neewrayson Quenwon- Township Commissioner, Duo Township, B’hai Adm. District
16. Ms. Constance Gaye- Chea- Township Commissioner, Tolbertville Township, Gbao Adm. District
17. Mr. Jasper Zarway- Township Commissioner, Chayeeboutou Township, Gboe/Ploe Adm. District
18. Ms. Felecia Dowaity- Township Commissioner, Bo-Geewon Township, Gboe/ Ploe Adm. District
19. Mr. Oliver Zarway- Township Commissioner, Bodee Township, Gboe/Ploe Adm. District
20. Mr. Harris Philips- Township Commissioner, Baileyville Township, Cavalla Adm. District
21. Mr. Amos Totaye- Township Commissioner, Diahn Township, Cavalla Adm. District
22. Mr. Sam Buduo- Township Commissioner, Jarhjoy Township, Cavalla Adm. District
23. Mr. Deh Zandy Browne- District Administrative Officer, Cavalla Adm. District
24. Mr. Madison Neewray- District Administrative Officer, B’hai Adm. District
25. Mr. Lawrence Neewray- Township Commissioner, Tian-Duogee Township, B’hai Adm. District
26. Mr. Edwin Campbell- District Administrative Officer, Gboe-Ploe Adm. District
27. Mr. Harrison D. Ninneh- Township Commissioner, Toifoi Township, Tchien District
28. Mr. Marcus Jerue- City Mayor, Toe City Cooperation (Tcc), B’hai Adm. District
29. Mr. Arthur Sartoe- City Mayor, Jarwodee City Cooperation (Jcc), Gbao Adm. District
30. Mr. Sam Roland Doe- City Mayor, Tuzon City Cooperation (Tcc), Cavalla Adm. District
31. Mr. Allen A. Quayee Sr- City Mayor, Ziah City Cooperation (Zcc), Konobo Statutory District

VI. Maryland County

1. Mr. Alex Suku Toe Nyema- County Administrator, Maryland County
2. Wleh Wallace- Commissioner, Theken Township
3. Winston Blayon- Statutory Superintendent, Barrobo Statutory District
4. Roosevelt Nyanfor- Asst. Development Superintendent, Barrobo Statutory District
5. Roland Kuoh- District Inspector, Barrobo Statutory District
6. Moses H. Weah- Relieving Commissioner, Barrobo Statutory District
7. Moses Blayon- Commissioner, Gwlekpoken District, Barrobo Statutory District
8. Gabriel T. Geffie- Commissioner, Jaffa Township, Barrobo Statutory District
9. Daniel Foleedon- Commissioner, Jay Township, Barrobo Statutory District
10. Stanford Safford- Commissioner, David Toe Township, Barrobo Statutory District
11. Robert Wesee- Commissoner, Robert Goe Township, Barrobo Statutory District
12. Dementric Martu- Commissioner, Gaysue Township, Barrobo Statutory District
13. William Sheriff- Commissioner, Brooksville Township, Barrobo Statutory District
14. Roosevelt G. Geekor- Comissioner, Geeson Township, Barrobo Statutory District
15. Tarfean Hinneh- Commissioner, Kingjack Township, Barrobo Statutory District
16. Prince Weah- Commissioner, Tugbaville Township, Barrobo Statutory District
17. William G. Saydee- Commissioner, Gegloh Township, Barrobo Statutory District
18. Peter T. Kuma- Statutory Superintendent, Karluway Statutory District
19. Moses Kudee Derrick- Asst. Superintendent For Development, Karluway Statutory District
20. Madison Weah- District Inspector, Karluway Statutory District
21. Emmanuel D. Gmah- Relieving Commissioner, Karluway Statutory District
22. Nathaniel Hinneh- City Mayor, Karloken City, Karluway Statutory District
23. Francis F. Nyangbeh- Commissioner, Karluway District One, Karluway Statutory District
24. Peter Washington Jr-Commissioner, Karluway District Two, Karluway Statutory District
25. Peter H. Wilson- Commissioner, Karluway District Three, Karluway Statutory District
26. Charles Wilson- Commissioner, Wlowien Township, Karluway Statutory District
27. Newton Reuben- Commissioner, Tyetawaso Township, Karluway Statutory District
28. Alphonso Davis- Commissioner, Pogbaken Township, Karluway Statutory District
29. Browne Sieh- Commissioner, Yediaken Township, Karluway Statutory District
30. Nathaniel Bedell- Commissioner, Andersonville Township, Karluway Statutory District
31. John J. Wilson- Commissioner, Yorken Township, Karluway Statutory District
32. Eli N. Johnson- Commissioner, Doloken Township, Karluway Statutory District
33. Jasper C. Bilibi- Commissioner, Boniken Township, Karluway Statutory District
34. Jefferson Howe- Commissioner, Gbon Township, Karluway Statutory District
35. Daniel K. Dweh- Commissioner, Yobloken Township, Karluway Statutory District
36. Solomon W. Brown- Commissioner, Manolu Township, Karluway Statutory District
37. Isaac Brown- Commissioner, Nyenowroken Township, Karluway Statutory District
38. James Y. Freeman- Commissioner, Taworken Township, Karluway Statutory District
39. Isiah Chea- Commissioner, Henogbe Township, Karluway Statutory District
40. Anthony Hinneh- Commissioner, Wissiken Township, Karluway Statutory District
41. Francis K. Collins- Commissioner, Gbeaken Township, Karluway Statutory District
42. Oretha Smith- Commissioner, Welleken Township, Karluway Statutory District
43. Olando Kobo- Commissioner, Tugbaken Township, Karluway Statutory District
44. Onnoh Seebo- Commissioner, Sikliken Township, Karluway Statutory District
45. Ezekiel Nyanpo- Commissioner, Wortiken Township, Karluway Statutory District
46. Napolean N. Brown- Commissioner, Harper District
47. A.T.T. Nagbe Sonpon- Commissioner, Tobbyville Township, Harper District
48. Francis Williams- Commissioner, Fishtown Township, Harper District
49. Paul Harmon- Commissioner, Jacksonville Township, Harper District
50. Jerome M. Allison- Commissioner, Wah-Hodo Township, Harper District
51. Galatian Y. Morrison- Commissioner, Grand Cavalla Township, Harper District
52. Nathaniel W. Hoto- Commissioner, Little Wlebo Township, Harper District
53. Mercia Jee- Commissioner, Philadelphia Township, Harper District
54. Nelly Taylor- Commissioner, Tubman Township, Harper District
55. Fergusson Howard- Commissioner, Yooukudi Township, Harper District
56. Henry Stemn- Commissioner, Spring Hill Township, Harper District
57. George Appleton- Commissioner, Rocktown Township, Harper District
58. Randolph Williams- Commissioner, Davidville Township, Harper District
59. Eric Allison- Commissioner, Wortiken Township, 
60. Romeo D. Lanford- Commissioner, Whole Graway Township, Harper District
61. Sumu Prowd- Commissioner, Hoffman Station Township, Harper District
62. Jefferson H. Harmon- Commissioner, Giabo Township, Harper District
63. Jefferson G. Harris- Commissioner, Howeville Township, Harper District
64. J. Nyea Prowd- Commissioner, Putuken Township, Harper District
65. Henry G. Allison- Commissioner, Highwood Township, Harper District
66. Hodo Wle Merriam- Commissioner, Jaidebaike Township, Harper District
67. Prince Tarwen- Statutory Superintendent, Pleebo Statutory District
68. Emmanuel Quire- Statutory Development  Officer, Pleebo Statutory District
69. Chris Walker- District Inspector, Pleebo Statutory District
70. Habaku Williams- Relieving Commissioner, Pleebo Statutory District
71. Jerome Neufville- Commissioner, Pleebo District One, Pleebo Statutory District
72. Johnson Wah- Commissioner, Pleebo District Two, Pleebo Statutory District
73. Mark Nyaneti- Commissioner, Old Sodoken Township, Pleebo Statutory District
74. Aloysious Nyemah- Commissioner, New Township, Pleebo Statutory District
75. Alex Nyemah- Commissioner, Gborlorbo Township, Pleebo Statutory District
76. William Diehyee- Commissioner, Gedetarbo Township, Pleebo Statutory District
77. Victor J. Cooper- Commissioner, Gbolobo Township, Pleebo Statutory District
78. Alfred Dossen- Commissioner, Barraken Township, Pleebo Statutory District
79. Nyema Stephens- Commissioner, Pedebo Township, Pleebo Statutory District
80. Teeba Woods- Commissioner, Gbloken Township, Pleebo Statutory District

VII. Nimba County

1. John Lehn- Relieving Commissioner, Nimba County
2. Margaret G. Cassell- Commissioner, Sanniquellie Mah Adm. District
3. Chris M. Joe- Commissioner, Doe Adm. District
4. Bob Gbato- Commissioner, Gbi-Doru Adm. District
5. Samuel G. Bahgue- Commissioner, Kparblee Adm. District
6. James L. Volar- Commissioner, Yarwain Meansonnoh Adm. District
7. Sam Karnue- Commissioner, Yarpea-Mah Adm. District
8. Justine Wehyee- Commissioner, Boe Quillah Adm. District
9. Samuel G. Youn- Commissioner, Gbeh Adm. District
10. Augustus G. Zomoway- Commissioner, Yarmein Adm. District
11. Amos S. Gbatu- Commissioner, Bain-Garr Adm. District
12. Ernest W. Doitee Sr- Commissioner, Gbor Adm. District
13. Alex Tomah- Commissioner, Zoe-Gbao Adm. District
14. George Kotee- Commissioner, Twah River Adm. District
15. Leaway Konah- Commissioner, Blinlon Adm. District
16. Kaymah Kuoh- Commissioner, Weegbeh Adm. District
17. Moore Borpea- Commissioner, Leewehpea Adm. District
18. Solomon Worker- Commissioner, Buu Tao Adm. District
19. Sam Dahn- Commissioner, Zehnla Adm. District
20. Jefferson Saye Gondah- Commissioner, Mainpea-Mah Adm. District
21. Omasta Dormah- Township Commissioner, Kpantianplay Township
22. Cooper Geh- Township Commissioner, Camp-4 Township
23. Edward Walkie- Township Commissioner, Kinnon Township
24. P. Konah Vaye- Township Commissioner, Gbao- Zontuo Township
25. Carton Johnson- Township Commissioner, Zoelarpa Township
26. Victor N. Tomah- Township Commissioner, Gbloulay Township
27. J. Worlea Guah- Township Commissioner, Tay-Kpaglay Township
28. Charles Dawonyahtoe- Township Commissioner, Zuoplay Township
29. Sampson E. Kruah- Township Commissioner, Ma-Diahplay Township
30. Tongar Wehyee- Township Commissioner, Graie Township
31. Freeman Koliyah- Township Commissioner, Dewoblee Township
32. Garrison Quoi- Township Commissioner, New Yourpea Township
33. Stanford Toryen- Township Commissioner, Doumpa Township
34. Isaac G. Lormie- Township Commissioner, Camp One Township
35. Robert Zarwee- Township Commissioner, Kpalla Township
36. Adolphus N. Sonkarlay- Township Commissioner, Gbalah Township
37. Gontorwon Cocrates Kpeah- Township Commissioner, Kpaytuo Township
38. Moses Kosah- Township Commissioner, Lepular Township
39. John Gongor- Township Commissioner, Gblarlay Township
40. Zawolo Gborwea- Township Commissioner, Kpain Township
41. T. Boy Tokpah- Township Commissioner, Zao. Township
42. Mamie Y. Mahn- Township Commissioner, Zahnboie Township
VIII. Sinoe County

1. Mr. Fredrick K. Call, County Development Officer

These appointments where applicable, are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate

The Liberian leader further calls on all those nominated to continue to demonstrate diligence, commitment, integrity, professionalism, and loyalty in service to country.

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