“Stop The Fight , Look up to God” Bishop Quire tells Congregation

MONROVIA- Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr. has told United Methodists to Stop the fight and look up to God because for the past five decades the United Methodist denomination has been embroiled over the debates of human sexuality.

The United Methodist Church which he claimed has been a pillar of the history of Liberia is on the brink of destruction, Bishop Quire averred.
Delivering the Closing Sermon of the 191st Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church held with the Grand Bassa District in Buchanan City, Bishop Quire used the Conference Theme: And Know That I am God with Text taken from Psalm 46: 1-11 and narrated how God has been good to Liberia ranging from the 14 years of civil war, the deadly Ebola virus and the COVID-19 disease from which God saved our nation through His divine interventions that brought sanity to Liberia. Bishop Quire observed that Liberians are too quick to forget, when God intervenes in their situations, they turned right back to their sins.

The Liberian Prelate noted that though there are many views and counter views on human sexuality, his prayer is that the people called United Methodists should be one and should stop the fight because the fight is not man’s fight but God’s.
He further asserted that in life, there are several issues but it is expected that Christians should trust in the God and He will fight our battle. The United Methodist Bishop also warned Ministers to stop undermining their fellow ministers for the sake of jobs. In the same vain, Bishop Quire intimated that in its transitional process, there fight all over the country because of jobs and used the occasion to appeal to political actors to stop fighting for jobs and pray for the government to encourage investors that will come to provide gainful employment opportunities for Liberians.
Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr. expressed dislike for agitation against the new government by people believed to be Wives of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). The Bishop said it was unfair to a government still in transition. By: Seykajipo Amegashie

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