Sweden Environmental Sustainability: Rubber Woods Chair Made in Liberia from TVET Training in Voinjama

The Government of Liberia through the Sweden Embassy with technical support from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), have empowered young Liberians with technical skills through the TVET workshop training.
The technical skills acquired by students at the Voinjama Multilateral High School TVET workshop have seen the production of a chair being made from rubber woods without the use of nails.
A state-of-the-art TVET workshop was upgraded by UNIDO in 2022 to allow students learn demand-driven, high-quality skills.
The program which is been sponsored by the Swedish Embassy in Liberia with technical support from UNIDO, have allowed Liberian youths to gain quality technical education in order to prepare them for future employment opportunities.
Beneficiaries of the training will be able to integrate into the labor market or develop their own jobs. The project also promotes human capacity building.
In mid-2022, Liberian TVET Institutions were upgraded to serve as a hub to provide training for vocational instructors and trainers across the country, an initiative that was undertaken by UNIDO. The intervention, under the Youth Rising program, aims to support TVET institutions to deliver quality education in order to prepare young Liberians for future employment opportunities and is funded by the EU and the Swedish Government. With these aims, the project, apart from improving TVET quality, will make TVET institutions more widespread across Liberia, have a special emphasis on female inclusion, and provide for the disabled, vulnerable youth, rural area youth, and the out-of-school youth.

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