“We Are Tired of Taking Loads on Our Heads” –Says Kpawelta Town citizens; As they begin building roads with their bare hands instead of waiting on the National Government

Citizens of Kpawelta Town in Koryorquelleh Clan, Jorquelleh District#3 in Bong County are undertaking their first self-help road construction project after 50 years of suffering in the area.

The Kpawelta Town road project is being initiated by the citizens to build roads with their bare hands instead of waiting on the national government.

The road, when completed, will link the Town to nearby Towns and villages in the District.

Speaking to the Informer recently, the Town Chief of Kpawelta, Kolleh Folokulah narrated that residents of the town have over the years found it extremely difficult to transport their local products to nearby markets for commercial purposes.

Mr. Folokulah said the citizens of Kpawelta Town are tired of using footpath roads in this 21st century, which is known as the technology age.

” We are tired of taking loads on our heads; we want car road here. The only footpath connecting our town and other nearby markets is in deplorable conditions because all the wooden bridges we fit on the road have spoiled,” Chief Folokulah narrated.

“For years we have been begging politicians and humanitarians in this county to assist us in improving the road leading to the town but our pleas have always fallen on deaf years, so we are now taking matters into our own hands and are building roads for ourselves a”, he added.

The Kpawelta Town Chief said that residents of the town have on many occasions engaged local authorities of the District and the County about the lack of road to connect the town, but no efforts have been applied by anyone in solving their old age problems. 

At the same time, Mr. Folokulah has launched a passionate plea to humanitarian organizations and the National government for the support of their current self-initiative road project which is intended to connect or link the Town with other towns and villages in the county.

He named Shovels, diggers, cutlasses, and Pink Axe among other instructional materials as tools needed to fast-track the ongoing self-road construction in the District.

Mr. Folokulah revealed that if the road is constructed, residents of the Town and other Towns and Villages will no longer face challenges in transporting their agricultural commodities to the nearby markets.

Touching on the issues of education and health care, Chief Folokulah said children and adults are living a difficult life on grounds that they do not have access a health care and education.

He said school-going children are not in school due to the lack of school, something he said has led them to become farmers and family heads at a young age.  

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

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