WONGOSOL Commences Annual General Assembly in Bong County—-Sets to elect new board members

A local Women NGOs Civil society group, “Women’s NGO Secretariat of Liberia” (WONGOSOL) established as an organization for coordinating the activities of women organizations in Liberia in 1998, is currently hosting its Annual General Assembly in Gbarnga, Bong County.

Madam Esther S. Davis Yango, the Executive Director of WONGOSOL revealed that the Annual General Assembly intends to bring women together to formulate and share their independent views on government problems that directly impact women in Liberia which help coordinates the operations of women’s organizations in Liberia. 

She further told the journalists that the General Assembly is intended to review their five-year strategic plans, something she said they have gone through two years in the implementation of said plan.

The WONGOSOL Executive Director further revealed that members of the Assembly will look at its policy documents, adding that they will develop their action plan for the next two years because the organization’s annual general assembly is every two years.

According to Madam Yango, WONGOSOL has approximately 150 network members spread across Liberia’s 15 political subdivisions, whose purpose is to end discrimination against women and promote women’s involvement and empowerment at all levels of the society through collaboration.

She asserted that putting women at the center of decision-making at the national leadership level of the country will help improve the socio-economic development of the nation.

She explained that women have been marginalized and neglected over the years as a result of traditional and customary practices. 

She lamented that if Liberia should move forward in its developmental drive, women should be empowered in every sector of the nation’s developmental drive—politically, economically, and socially—to help transform Liberia for the better.

Director Yango explained that WONGOSOL supported more women candidates in the just-ended elections even though most of them lost to their male counterparts but some also won the election.

The Women’s NGO Executive has however urged women to be supportive of their gender in leadership positions at all levels: community, township, district, county, and national levels, for the proper stewardship of Liberia.

 She pointed out that WONGOSOL has more than 150 women organizations representing the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia, and it is critical at this time that women should not sit behind in the forward match of the country, but challenge their male counterparts to enhance the development of the nation.

The WONGOSOL annual general assembly is being held under the theme: “Promoting Women leadership in our growing Democracy, a call to action to invest in women organizations nationally.”

Moreover, Madam Yango noted that WONGOSOL has launched its official website which will helped to profile women in both urban and rural areas.

Delivering her keynote address at the WONGOSOL Annual General Assembly opening ceremony on December 18, 2023, Liberia 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Roberta Gbowee admonished women in the country to redouble their efforts and build suppleness in their quests for augmented women’s participation in decision-making if they (women) must achieve gender balance in national leadership.   

She further cautioned WONGOSOL to ensure that the next generation of female leaders are given the tools or knowledge they need to fully participate at all levels.

The Liberian peace activist lauded Liberian women for their resilience and assured them that one day the issue of gender equality in the national space will become a reality.

Madam Gbowee at the same time encouraged the members of WONGOSOL especially young women to develop a vision for leadership, do away with their fears, build personal characters, and work harder with commitment, if they are to strike a balance with their male counterparts for leadership.

The Women NGOs Secretariat of Liberia Annual General Assembly is being attended by high-profile women including Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker and other women from UN Women Liberia, The Kvinna till Kvinna, Action-aid Liberia among others.

By Patrick S. Tokpah 

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